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the Entertainer amongst the Tenors

NEW Single
"Guided by the light" is our in stores

We discovered an unreleased recording from Tobey's early days in the archive. “Guided by the light” was written based on “Meditation” from “Thais” and we thought it was so beautiful that we released the number as a single on the usual portals. Click HERE for the title

more videos can be found at "IN CONCERT"

all performances for AIDA are fix now til 11/2024

Tobey will be heard again on the ships of the AIDA fleet in 2024, the dates of the trips have been confirmed. In addition to a "Best of" from the three previous shows, there will be a program in the new year with Italian classics such as "Caruso", "Mamma" and "Santa Lucia".

something personel

Dear friends


In 2015, as many of you know, I largely withdrew from the active show business and since then spent my time mainly with something completely different: the renovation of old apartments and the development of small real estate projects..


Thanks to the shows for AIDA Cruises and my "regular customers", I have never lost touch with the music  I love so much. The quite numerous requests for CD's and the many positive feedback I received from you during my performances the last Years now lead me to take more care of the music again in 2022.


I would like to thank everyone who has remained loyal to me despite the absence and I hope you will also stay with me and my music in the future!


Your`s Tobey

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