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"a highlight, hard to top"    GALA
"on of the most beautiful voices"    SWR
"the classic discovery par exellence"    Abendzeitung
"a popstar of the opera"    BUNTE
"a classic of its own"    COSMOPOLITAN

More than 1,000 concerts around the globe speak for themselves: Entertainer Tobey Wilson manages the balancing act between classical, pop and jazz like no one second.


The tenor, who has been awarded numerous prizes and scholarships and presented his classical repertoire in the company of renowned orchestras such as the "Munich Philharmonic" or the "Chapelle Royal" in the most famous concert halls around, from the Amsterdam "Conzertgebouwh" to the "Palau de la musica" in Barcelona and the "Casals Hall" in Tokyo to the Zurich "Tonhalle". He was also at home on the opera stage: at the age of 21, still studying music theater in Karlsruhe and Zurich, he was committed to the “Staatstheater Stuttgart”. In 2004 he made his debut as an "Evangelist" at the "Theater des Champs Elysees" in Paris.


His unconventional way of singing classical music made the entertainment branch sit up and Tobey Wilson changed the branch. He has been a guest on around 50 television programs since the release of the first album in 2003, and he also became a celebrated show act of exclusive events and galas. The "Champions League Night", the famous "Rosenball", the "Prix Monblanc", the "Deutsche Filmball", the "Rose d`Or" or the "Vernon Walters Award" in New York, hardly a big social event where he has not set his musical accent in the past 15 years. Another highlight of his career: he sang the national anthems at numerous international soccer matches, the opening of the "World Equestrian Games", the "Grand Prix of Europe" and the "Grand Prix of Germany" 2010 of Formula 1, or the basketball "Playoffs" 2011, 2014 and 2015, and the "Supercup" In 2015. In 2009 and 2010 he was in double use across Europe at every race of the German Touring Car Masters. In the past three years he also sang the hymn for the Dutch Prime Minister or Chancellor Angela Merkel.


In 2011, Tobey Wilson founded the "Creaktivisten", a creative agency and produced the Lambertz calendar, campaigns for Marlboro or Riani, and events such as the Intouch Awards.

In 2016 he switched to the construction industry and founded Rapp-Bau GmbH.

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