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"he let the hearts melt in rows"
                                                    (Süddeutsche Zeitung)
"Wilson sang straight to the hearts ot the audience"                                                                                                        (Welt)
"a wonderfully entertaining musical evening"                                                                                          (Passauer Neue Presse)
"Wilson lives in applause an offers the best singing craft" 
                                                                 (Freie Presse)
"he amazed with a gifted voice and also won over the
last skeptic"
                                         (Wiesbadener Kurier)

Classical, pop or jazz, there is guaranteed something for every taste when Tobey Wilson sings:


From arias like "Nessun Dorma" via the hits of his idols Frank Sinatra and Udo Jürgens to the songs of his own albums: The repertoire comprises around 500 titles, all sung and moderated in his very own, charming way and packaged in currently five concert programs, either with orchestra, in a small setup or with half playbacks.


Make up your own mind and watch the selected videos on this page. If you need more detailed information as an agency or organizer, please write us.

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